10 Short Ministry and Church Branding Tips

  1. You are always building or eroding your brand, even if you don’t intend to do so.
  2. Branding is much more than a logo, tag line or website. These are merely identity assets.
  3. A primary goal of branding should be to initiate, cultivate, facilitate and influence conversations.
  4. Actually having vision is much more important than having a vision statement.
  5. Great brand-building requires seriously hard work. No shortcuts.
  6. Ultimately, your brand is determined by others, more than by what you think or say it is.
  7. Brand leadership is about discerning and articulating your unique DNA.
  8. Let the past inform the future, but not hold it hostage.
  9. The best branding in the world can’t compensate for bad behavior since that too is branding.
  10. Be clear and clarify often. Clarity absolutely rules.

Have some other tips to add? What do you think of these?



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