Give Your Poor Logo a Break (Part One)

We put our ministry, nonprofit and church logos under far more pressure than they can bear. Think about it.

Your poor logo does not have super powers. It simply cannot communicate everything about you and your vision, mission or values. Nor should it. Why do we expect so much of these poor little guys?

Imagine how overwhelmed your logo must feel knowing that you expect it to transfer everything you believe and want to communicate through its limited symbols, colors and elements? Put under such unrealistic expectations, it’s amazing they agree to stick around and still be a part of the team. Ha!

Can we all just agree to give our logos a break? (Oh, and can we agree to have more realistic expectations of the designers who help us create them?)

The ethos of your brand simply cannot be fully embodied in a logo, word mark or even a full suite of visual identity assets. Rather, your brand emerges out of a much larger body of work crafted to intentionally manifest a certain vibe and certain results.

That effort goes beyond just your logo. It’s about your organization’s very personality.



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