10 Ways to Get the Internet to Pay Attention To Your Ministry or Church Website

As you know, Websites cost money, require time, and come with their own set of headaches. In fact, at times, they are just one big headache!

If you think of the internet like a freeway where drivers are free to choose which lane they want to be in, likewise, individuals will choose the Websites that best serve and appeal to them.

Either your Website will be wide open and accessible with fresh asphalt, newly painted stripes and well-designed, clearly marked signs or it will be a scary [insert favorite horror slasher flick here], back woods, gravel country road in the middle of nowhere that makes people nervous. You decide.

The Internet has a mind of it’s own and it rewards those who play by its rules. It’s downright persnickety. Essentially, it gives you brownie points when you follow it’s preferences.

Pay attention to its preferences and it will reward you handsomely. Neglect it and you will regret it. Here are a few ways to give the Internet attention so you can “feel the love.”

  1. Build your site’s functionality with your audience in mind.
  2. Focus your content on what your audience cares about.
  3. Write posts that encourage dialogue and garner comments.
  4. Focus your content on what Google values.
  5. Keep your content fresh.
  6. Employ thoughtful and solid SEO techniques.
  7. Leave comments on other blogs and pour value into others.
  8. Provide link love (blogroll) to people you respect.
  9. Be willing to change even when everything seems fine.
  10. Integrate your web presence with your social media outlets.

To build a stellar website that not only helps those you serve but that Google also values, intentionality is the name of the game.

What did we leave off? What did we get wrong? What would you add to this list?



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