Scott Williams – Church Diversity Book Review

In his new book, Church Diversity – Sunday: The Most Segregated Day in America, Scott Williams has a great line: Change your perspective, change the game!

So often in our interactions, we run into issues of perception that are inhibiting leaders and their teams from being as effective as possible. Individuals who perceive that their role is confined to X, Y and Z are being held captive by their perceptions which makes it much harder to advance and take ministry to the next level.

Scott sets the stage to celebrate diversity within the church simply by changing the way we perceive “church.”

How can we, as the body of Christ, war against misperceptions and change the game?

I am looking forward to finishing Scott’s book in the days ahead. Have you read it? What are your thoughts about the topic of perceptions in the church?

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5 thoughts on “Scott Williams – Church Diversity Book Review

  1. I’d love to win this book, It’s something we’ve talked about in our church a lot, and something that we want to be a mark of who we are.

  2. I remember as a child attending 'black churches' and my sister and I being the only white kids and when I was in Basic Training I chose the 'black' service. About 6 years ago I found a wonderfully diverse church that I attended for about a year, but unfortunately had to move. Since then, I live in a small town with many churches that are again divided by race and economics. There are the black churches, the mexican churches, even the korean church. Among the 'white' churches, there are the 'poor' and 'wealthy' churches. Of course, anyone is welcome at any of the churches, so it is obvious that sometimes we segregate ourselves.

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