Five Tips to Prepare You for Hosting Killer Church and Ministry Meetings

You’ve called a strategic or creative meeting and invited an outside party. You have some preconceived notions about what that guest’s role will be at the meeting and how everything is going to come down. The meeting takes place and not only did the guest not deliver, but nobody seemed to know who was leading the meeting and/or why it was taking place.

Everyone wants to point fingers when this happens but there are two major players in that interaction: the outside party and the host. If neither was adequately prepared . . .

In an upcoming post, I’ll give some suggestions for how you, as an outside party, can be better prepared but here are some crucial ways that you, as the host, can better equip your guests to be on their game and adequately prepared to serve:

  1. Help your guest understand the lay of the land
    Who will be at the meeting? What are their responsibilities? What is their interest in this meeting? Is there sometime in particular the outside party should be sensitive to or mindful of during the meeting?
  2. Lead time and access
    Give adequate lead time so your guest has the opportunity to think and mentally prepare for what could occur. Make yourself or someone on your team available to answer questions about the subject matter and participants in the time leading up to the meeting.
  3. Lay it all out
    What is expected of your guest? Be straight about it so there aren’t any surprises. If you want them to hit one out of the park, it’s much better if they know it up front!
  4. Outline the available tools
    What equipment/tools are available for the guest’s use? Whiteboard? Markers? Projector? A bottle of water?!
  5. Prepare yourself
    Take the initiative to get prepared and work in conjunction with your guest. If the two of you can work together to support one another during the meeting, it could be huge.

Meetings can and should be tremendously productive if you are strategic about preparing everyone involved. Light a fire under your next meeting and you will equip the participants to be on their A-game. Everybody wins!

For you, what makes a killer meeting? What makes them a drag?

Want to know what is advisable and what you should avoid in ministry meetings? Read 22 Keys to Great Ministry Meetings.



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2 thoughts on “Five Tips to Prepare You for Hosting Killer Church and Ministry Meetings

  1. This is a really practical post. It's one I'll definitely share because you've covered the simple but necessary ingredients for purposeful meetings. So many pastors and leaders forget these things and so meetings become things to avoid instead of things that propell our ministries forward!! Thanks!!

    • Rich, I appreciate it! I'm glad it has been of value for you. We have an upcoming post on how the guest should properly prepare for meetings. I hope you check it out!