Free Tickets to the Whiteboard Sessions!

In my ideal workspace, I’m surrounded by oversized whiteboards. If you ever want to know what to get me for my birthday which may or may not be coming up soon . . . this paint is a great place to start. ;)

Whiteboards represent shining, gleaming idea dumps for me because they allow me to get all of the things bouncing around in my head out in the open. In similar fashion, the Whiteboard Sessions represent a great way to share ideas that will be relevant to where you are in ministry.

We are so excited to be giving away three tickets to the May 11 Whiteboard Sessions in Duluth, Georgia!

All you have to do is tweet about this post and mention @ResonateOrDie and @wibosessions in your tweet and you’re entered to win! We’ll be very scientific about this and ensure that Chris uses the randomizer on his iPhone to select our three winners at the end of this week. If you don’t win, we’ll still shoot you a DM with a discount code!

Thanks to Jason Young for providing these tickets to give away!

So, just tweet about it, would you? Go!



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