20 Quick Tips to Help You Engage More Effectively on Twitter

Last night, @ChadMissildine threw out this question on Twitter:

“Trying to get better at engaging people on Twitter. What is a tip you may have?”

So, thanks for the inspiration to write this post Chad! I also listed a few of the responses Chad received on his Twitter feed.

  1. Shift your thinking so you ALWAYS remember that it is NEVER about you.
  2. Notice when they are celebrating something and celebrate with them.
  3. Listen to their hurts and hurt with them.
  4. Ask them questions.
  5. Offer answers to their questions.
  6. Notice their prayer needs and take time to pray for them.
  7. Respond to their statements and add your perspecitve to the end of their tweet. //Like this!
  8. Affirm a blog post they wrote and retweet it.
  9. Notice when they get back into town after a trip and welcome them home.
  10. Laugh at something they say that is funny.
  11. Give them tips on things you notice they need.
  12. Introduce them to someone who would make a good connection for them.
  13. Take time to run down something they have expressed they are trying to find.
  14. Offer to help them if you have a solution to their need(s).
  15. Read their profile and comment about it.
  16. Leave a comment on their blog and then invite your followers to respond to your comment on their post.
  17. Respond a lot. I’m amazed how often it strikes up a conversation. [via @Youthguy07]
  18. Replying to tweets is the best way I’ve found to start conversations with people on twitter I don’t know. [via @chrisfromcanada]
  19. When you see someone tweet a link to a blog post, read it and if you like it, RT link with a comment on why you liked it. [via @AmandaSims]
  20. Engage your followers/following groups by personalizing your messages. I had a huge response today doing it. [via @CharlieTrendal]

What else would you like to add to the list? What did I forget?



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6 thoughts on “20 Quick Tips to Help You Engage More Effectively on Twitter

  1. Great suggestions, you are so right, it has to be about "casting your bread on the water" giving first, then receiving will take care of itself!

  2. Great tips! I have only been on twitter really for a few months and it's taken some time to "learn" how to engage with others and how it all works! Still no expert but working on it :)

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

    • Mel, thanks for stopping by. I think "working on it" is THE primary key to success. Keep up the good work!

  3. Good post with very nice suggestions. Makes you rethink how you use Twitter and how to improve.