Three M’s to Help You Attack Every Day

You will not continue to resonate with your constituency if you are not able to adapt to circumstances with increasing discernment and rapidity. As your grandmother’s framed cross-stich says, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Morning Intensive: 30 minutes of intensive planning every morning will shave hours of idle thinking off of your day. Often we fall into the treacherous habit of the 15 minute monitor staring contest. You aren’t doing anything. You are thinking about what you need to do, but in the meantime you are perusing Facebook, Twitter, TentBlogger, Problogger, ResonateOrDieSocial Media Examiner . . . blank stare.

Margin: If your schedule lacks margin then you lack the flexibility you need to adapt. I know your fear: “If I create margin I will not maximize productivity.” Margin will increase productivity. Every day you will fill the margined portion of your schedule with the most urgent tasks. You will maximize both productivity and efficiency.

Make Time to Think: Failure to take the time to completely think through issues will hinder your ability to discern things with accuracy. You will save time by slowing down long enough to think through every scenario. Ask questions that anticipate not only immediate consequences, but third and fourth level ones as well. Our impulse is to assume slowing down will reduce our communication “rapid response time.” If you act quickly, but discern incorrectly, you will waste more time then if you had exercised the patience needed to get your mind around a situation.

Slowing down will accelerate you and your team.



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One thought on “Three M’s to Help You Attack Every Day

  1. This is a great way to serve strong. It includes many of the factors necessary to stay on top of the game: Intentional focus, margin, and periodic "rest area" slowdowns for thinking.

    Great reminder!