Ever Wondered Why ResonateOrDie?

“Why ResonateOrDie?”

I love this question. It forces me to answer questions like why we exist, why it matters, and what we do. At times, it has brought up a very important overarching question . . . can we explain it?

If you’re in ministry, you have realities that you’re aware of and they play a role in what you do (or they should!). You’re aware that there are lost people who need to be reached. You’re aware that you aren’t called to just exist. You’re aware that if you fail to consistently reach people, your ministry won’t survive.

These realities represent the Big Idea of why we exist. We fully and wholeheartedly believe that, in ministry, the statement “ResonateOrDie” is completely true. If you don’t resonate with those you are trying to reach (and those you’re already reaching), your ministry will die. It may not happen immediately but it will happen.

We exist to help you resonate. This is our ministry and we’re insane about it.



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4 thoughts on “Ever Wondered Why ResonateOrDie?

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  2. Kerry, I've got brain freeze from our time together yesterday. Youre absolutely right that a the "Big Idea" should be the filter, and the Catalyst for everything I do. Thanks so much for your investment in me. Thou Rocketh!!!


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