30 Ways You Highly Motivate Us to Serve

At the beginning of a new decade (and pretty much on a daily basis), I tend to get into this reflective mode where I ask myself and the team some hard questions about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and whether or not it really matters. At least in part, we do what we do because of who you are and what you do.

Here are just a few of the ways you highly motivate us to serve:

Because you’re seriously driven to make an impact in the world.

Because sometimes no one else knows the pressure you’re under.

Because you believe in the importance of communicating truth.

Because you’ve paid the price with your family.

Because you’re still committed even when ministry is messy.

Because you recognize the needs of others and want to meet them.

Because you keep going even when you don’t see tangible results.

Because you bear the burden of spiritual leadership.

Because your office light stays on when everyone else has gone home.

Because you feel the pain of those you are called to love.

Because you give and give and give, even when your efforts aren’t recognized.

Because you are a guardian of true truth.

Because your mission is never complete.

Because you’re being pulled in multiple directions.

Because you’re passionate about changed lives.

Because you are unfairly criticized.

Because others may not fully appreciate your attention to detail.

Because you actually believe the Word of God is true and Jesus is real.

Because occasionally, ministry just burns you.

Because somewhere along the way you felt divinely called to pour your life into others.

Because sometimes the burden becomes so heavy that you just need to cry.

Because you have to make hard choices that impact lives.

Because you choose to show up even when you are exhausted and spent.

Because you are fueled by compassion for other people.

Because you do things for ministry that people will never see.

Because you sacrificially love others.

Because you understand that eternity is on the line.

Because you believe in the transformational nature of the Gospel.

Because you’ve been called to shepherd the deepest places of the heart.

Because you see what could be instead of what is.



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12 thoughts on “30 Ways You Highly Motivate Us to Serve

  1. Kerry,

    Really appreciate your heart for serving! Wonderful reasons to serve; thanks for sharing.

  2. I always knew God would use you mightily. And I see Him in your eyes, in your heart and spririt, bringing Christ's message to a needy world. What a blessing you are! God bless you and your family!

  3. Thanks. I agree motivation is so important. In fact it is possible for someone to do the right things, but it be sinful because of the motivation to them. Also Christians who are motivated by guilt or fear of punishment burn out quickly. Only the grace of God can produce lifelong service!

    • I agree, @exchangerates, having the right motives in your motivation is critical. ;) Motivation is a curious thing.