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“I know writing isn’t your favorite, but take an hour and write some copy for the site and then draft that email we talked about earlier. Oh, btw, we should develop this blog post idea. Please put something together and shoot me a rough.”

If you’re like me, you thought that you had done all of the writing that would be demanded of you once you graduated. Ironically, at least for myself, that train of thought was driven by the changes in communication and the rise of social media. Shorter, more concise and with less pomp and circumstance seemed like the new way to go. The ironic part is that social media has given rise to the need for more content than ever before.

We met with Steve Brewster the other day and we were discussing Google (which is similar to discussing your investment portfolio now. It has the same suave aura). Apparently, the all-knowing Google claims that more content is generated today, in a 48 hour period, than was created from the beginning of time to 2003 . . .

One more again: More content is generated today, in a 48 hour period, than was created from the beginning of time to 2003.

I’m totally quoting Brewster on the above statement so if it’s incorrect, you can follow him and see what other cool stuff he makes up. ;)

So, if that’s true (and even if it’s not!), writing should probably move up a notch on your list of priorities. Many in my generation would say “Well, if so much content is like, being like, made, then why should I write anything?” To which I would respond, thank you for not writing and here is how to use the word “like” in a sentence. But, for everyone else, writing represents a huge opportunity and a gaping hole in the to-do list. Unless you’re Brandon Cox or John Saddington (15 posts in a day . . . ) who both seem to create content in the shower . . . we love you guys!

If writing is similar to mowing the lawn with shears for you, check out these posts and resources on getting the brain to think with ink:



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9 thoughts on “Your Ministry Online: Content, Writing and You

  1. Blogging and all social media has certainly changed the way writing is done and viewed. I'm no expert, and I'm not a professional blogger, but when I first started writing back in the 80's it was pretty much all print media then. Now, anyone can self publish and make their content available to the masses. I am enjoying making that a new priority in my ministry.

    John and Brandon are great resources of information for making one's blogging experience more effective and more fun. I am a "tentblogger" and checking out John Saddington's blog of the same name will be a huge help to anyone engaging the blogosphere (newbie or veteran). I recommend he and Brandon Cox as great Jedi Masters for us Padawans. Thanks for the post and for "calling them out."

  2. LOL Chris. Sometimes I find myself suffering from "content generation envy" thanks to John and Brandon. When I started blogging, 1 post a week was considered prolific. :)

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