4 Simple Things to Consider as You Plan Church Outreach

Most ministry leaders want to reach out and get visitors to come to their church. Here are four simple areas to consider as you plan church-based outreach:

  1. Reach Out to People During all Holidays
    Most churches have noticed that more people attend during Easter and Christmas than at any other time of the year. But other holidays also become natural times to plan important outreach events and programs.  Think about all the holidays your church wants to participate in and plan a relevant outreach that corresponds to the celebration. People love to celebrate, so why not take advantage of the holiday timing by facilitating the fun?

    Here’s a list of the major U.S. holidays for you to use in brainstorming.

  2. Reach Out to People at Various Life Stages
    As you plan your ministry activities, think about other possibilities. All around you are people going through important stages of their lives. For example, there’s an opportunity for ministry when couples get married, or when those couples have babies. These kinds of opportunities with people depend not just on the calendar but also their personal stage of life.

  3. Welcome Newcomers to Your Community
    New people moving into your community offer another opportunity. Find out who those people are so you can minister to them at a time when they feel they need it most. They’re at a stage in their lives when they are probably more receptive to looking for a church home.
  4. Plan Special Events that Reach Out to People
    A special event gives members a reason to invite friends and family members to church—which doesn’t necessarily have to be held at your building. It also encourages them to reach out and start talking about their church with neighbors and co-workers.

    Don’t overdo it, though. You must limit such events to give them the feel of something extraordinary. In other words, you have to be strategic. If you plan semi-weekly attractions and bill each one as “special,” members will soon stop believing in the “specialness.”

    A Speakers Bureau can help you locate a great Christian speaker if you don’t have a network contact. There are also booking resources to help you book a Christian band from your area or connect with a national band.

Note: Plan Your Outreach for the Year Ahead

One of the most powerful outreach tools you have is one you use every day—perhaps without thinking about it. It’s your calendar.  The calendar is a powerful outreach planning tool that can have a positive and important influence over your ministry. Capitalizing on major and minor holidays, hosting events, as well as reaching people as life changes, can open up more opportunities to minister to others.

Rather than planning for each event as the dates draw close, why not plan your entire year’s outreach in advance? Many organizations plan far ahead, such as preparing for Christmas in July. Why not have your media and promotion strategy so developed and ready that you are ready to roll with it long before it arrives? Timing is everything.

Don’t worry that having plans laid out will make you less flexible. Quite the opposite; you will be ready to make needed adjustments when other details are resolved.

Your outreach will advance light years ahead of where you are now if you can discipline yourself to prepare in advance. By being more prepared, you might even find you enjoy the holidays more than ever. Imagine not rushing and working through the holidays like you are “cramming” for a final exam.

Feel more relaxed already?



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