3 Essential Points for Building a Healthy Brand Reputation

“Branding,” in the corporate world, has multiple definitions that range from the general to the industry specific. However, branding for churches and ministries cannot be summed up by its application in the corporate world. This is a point that ResonateOrDie communicates by expanding the definition and application of branding to the ministry space.

It starts with this simple but profound point: Everyone has a brand.

Your brand may be identified by your name, company, website, social media page, Twitter profile, blog etc. All of these mediums or “identity assets” reflect who you are and say a lot about you.

“A good name is to be more desired than great wealth. Favor is better than silver and gold.” Proverbs 22:1

Your name is not just about what people perceive about you, it is also the platform upon which you create a space. A common misconception among the younger generation (myself included) is that a brand is a post-college project rather than a lifelong, public, bank account. It it’s going to be healthy, you have to invest in it and encourage others to make deposits that will positively contribute to future endeavors. This can also mean properly calibrating relationships that are unwise.

Your brand is also about legitimacy. What I call “false branding” is a lie that is difficult to sustain for long periods and politicians are often associated with this method. It attempts to control public perceptions with the understanding that the actions to support the legitimacy of their brand’s perception will follow rather than lead their branding efforts. e.g. Vote now, I’ll follow through later.

Consider the power of a legitimate individual brand.

If I asked you to think of someone you know who is dependable, the person who comes to mind has done a skillful job of branding themselves as such even if they haven’t done so intentionally. They may not have a web presence and their expertise probably has nothing to do with being dependable. However, they have conducted themselves in such a way as to gain your trust and build faith in that character trait.

Think of how much more powerful and healthy that brand can become—rooted in meaningful character traits—over one that is solely based on a graphic, logo, or the promise of future actions.

Remember these essential points:

  • If your brand does not reflect your values, it won’t be as valuable.
    A brand that fails to represent or misrepresents an individual’s or ministry’s values is harder to trust and harder still to sustain.
  • If your brand is not based upon your strengths, it won’t be as strong.
    For example, if you aren’t a skillful speaker, building your brand around your speaking abilities will inhibit your brand from from reaching its full potential.
  • If your brand does not reflect your motivations, others won’t be motivated by it.
    How can you engage others to become passionate about a cause if that cause doesn’t keep you up at night?

This is all a part of your DNA and it is the key starting point for any brand decisions.

Is the brand you are trying to build reflecting your values, strengths and motivations? If so, how does it impact your actions, words and decisions on a daily basis?



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One thought on “3 Essential Points for Building a Healthy Brand Reputation

  1. Dear Kerry, Chris, Kayla, et al:

    What if you're just wrong?

    I'm a thirty year veteran of the marketing wars. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. Which one defines who I really am? And how can one meet the other?

    I challenge each of you, as young, confident, talented people who claim Christ, to understand what the Word of God says, and what it requires of us. The Christ-life is what Christ wants. The Christ-life is the opposite of self-promotion, and confident marketing. It is humility, taking the last place, and upside-down living, featuring feet-washing of the dirty, love for enemies, and the absolute commitment of all we have and own to Christ's service.

    Many of these you help and represent are showing the world the opposite.

    For many years I was successful, and spot-on with all the current trends. The only problem was, Christ wasn't. He was still the same kind, loving, servant-Lord who was determined that this guy who thought he knew it all and thought he had it all together would find out the Truth someday. And He made sure I did, though not in the ways I would have wished.

    I pray the same for all you bright, trendy, sharp, intelligent "Christian" young people. Don't think I come to criticize, but to pray for you. As you are, so I was. And I pray for you, as I pray for all, that we would learn the absolute preeminence of Christ, and His desires for us, which don't involve the latest and greatest ways of promoting "our ministries". Have you not read Paul, or Peter, or John? Are we better than them? Or are we to put aside all these weapons of the world and live radically different, holy, and set apart lives that exhibit Jesus' Way, the Narrow Way, the Narrow Road, which "few will find"?

    I invite you to have one alternative voice in your "connected, busy lives" that will speak to you of the narrow road.

    Are you game?

    Your brother,
    A. Brother http://narrowgatepub.blogspot.com