50 Simple Ways to Advance Your Ministry on the Internet

In no particular order:

  1. Share Jesus
  2. Make observations
  3. Question things you don’t understand
  4. State your position
  5. Blog
  6. Challenge the status quo
  7. Present alternate views
  8. Offer your perspective
  9. Provide commentary and share insights
  10. Grapple with and unpack complex issues
  11. React to what you’ve seen, read or heard
  12. Challenge opposing positions
  13. Ponder big ideas
  14. Give props to people or organizations
  15. Launch an initiative
  16. Specify details
  17. Resolve problems
  18. Vlog
  19. Offer solutions
  20. Inspire spiritual growth
  21. Compile resources
  22. Leave comments to stimulate conversation
  23. Invite action
  24. Give tech support
  25. Share videos you like
  26. Highlight injustice
  27. Rally support
  28. Unveil research findings
  29. Encourage others
  30. Motivate your readers
  31. Create healthy tension
  32. Share your journey
  33. Question “the system”
  34. Demo products
  35. Highlight respectable people, efforts or organizations
  36. Cultivate relationships
  37. Debate your position
  38. Pray for others
  39. Unpack big ideas
  40. Share needs
  41. Help people connect
  42. Give away schwag
  43. Critique products
  44. Review books and resources
  45. Offer advice
  46. Provide technical expertise
  47. Collaborate with others
  48. Foster fresh ideas
  49. Show off your work
  50. Engage social media

Remember, when you hit buttons like “share, submit or send” online, you are actually leaving a digital breadcrumb. Search engines then aggregate those breadcrumbs into search results. Those search results represent your digital footprint.

Bottom Line: Every single thing you do online (when you leave digital data), incrementally advances your ministry and expands your digital footprint.

So, view your online activities as another ministry channel and pour yourself into others. Along the way, your platform will grow.

What did I leave off the list? How do you use the internet to give to others and expand your footprint?



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11 thoughts on “50 Simple Ways to Advance Your Ministry on the Internet

    • My pleasure, Debbie. Yes, that one took awhile. I'm glad you checked it out and I hope it is useful to you! Thanks for stopping by.

  1. great list! I would add "Create community," but I think combining everything you already listed leads directly to that. great job.

  2. Sweet. This is all very common sense stuff but somehow I've overlooked or not even thought about most of this stuff. Thanks man This helps big time. I've recently started a blog and its coming along slowly but surely, so i will definitely try a lot of this on there.
    Josh Baker

    Props on this whole site. It is VERY helpful and insightful! And thanks for the free shirt! i will most definitely be rockin it tomm for church with a pair of jeans and a sports coat! haha Thanks!

    • Sure thing, Josh. I'm glad you are finding it to be helpful and thanks for showing off that shirt. Please help us spread the word!

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