ResonateOrDie T-shirt Give Away!

We’re giving away 25 ResonateOrDie t-shirts . . . right now! Here’s what you have to do to win one: (No cheating! You have to complete all three steps.)

Step 1: Tweet a statement from one of our blog posts that you like/value with a link to the post and tag it with @ResonateOrDie

Step 2: “Like” the ResonateOrDie Facebook page

Step 3: Post this message as your Facebook status update:

“Check out @ResonateOrDie. Today they’re giving away 25 free t-shirts and a desktop background!”

It is very important that the link to our Twitter and Facebook accounts is active so we can see it! We’ll be monitoring Twitter and Facebook, as usual, and the first 25 people to do all three of the above steps will win a ResonateOrDie t-shirt in a size of your choosing (we have both men’s and women’s sizes). We will even cover shipping!

Want some more schwag? How about a free ResonateOrDie desktop background?

Spread the word!



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10 thoughts on “ResonateOrDie T-shirt Give Away!

  1. If you followed all our steps to win a T-shirt, please email your contact information including mailing address (must be able to receive USPS or UPS package shipments) and phone number (in case the driver gets lost) to

    We will also need to know what size and gender you would like: Female=S, M, L and XL; Male=M, L, XL, XXL. You will love them!