In One Word, What Frustrates You About Social Media?

Yesterday, I was getting buried in Twitter/Facebook and I realized just how many frustrations I have with social media. So, hoping I wasn’t alone, I posted the following:

“In one word, what is your greatest frustration with social media? Go!”

Within a few minutes, some non-existent, very accurate words came out of it.

Jeff B. – abbreviations

Munya P. – privacy

Stanton S. – denuancification

MaryLu E. – hypervoluminosity

Richie F. – TimeSuckingVacuumEffect

Scott O. – NonThreadedDiscussions

David W. – safety

@allenoliver – farmville

@RyanHurlburt – noisy

@devinmaddox – self-promotion

@_ChrisBoyd – impolite

@kylelreed – distance

@jjhawes – buy-in

@Lyn_Smith – misunderstandings

What is mine? @KerryBural – truncation

Half the time, limits like 140 characters force me to be succinct. The other half of the time it renders an incomplete thought.

How about you?



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5 thoughts on “In One Word, What Frustrates You About Social Media?

  1. Addicting, Earlier in the week i realized how much time it took away from me. But yet i still got on it. Even now i'm blogging. The whole realm of social media is addicting and time-consuming. It is awesome dont get me wrong. but i know there are times when i just have to take a step back and clear myself of it for a week or two so that i can get in tune with God again.

    Sorry for the long post but i just had to explain my word.