Andy Stanley – Catalyst Opening Session Talk Notes

The internal tension that all of us carry is associated with our appetites.
• All of us have an appetite for more. (the main app)
• God has designed us with appetites and desires.
• Each appetite creates tension because it only knows one thing…MORE.

The tensions you will always face:
• Progress
• Greater responsibility
• Respect
• Win
• Growth
• Fame
• Achievement
• To be envied

3 things we need to know about appetites:
• God created all appetites and sin distorted them.
• Appetites are never fully and finally satisfied. (There will always be tension in this area)
• Your app will always whisper now and never later.

Your response to that (…appetites are never fully and finally satisfied) truth will change the trajectory of your life. If you don’t get this right you won’t get anything else right.

TEXT Genesis 25 (everything is built on the birth rite 1. Financial 2. Authority over family 3. Blessing of God)

Who would trade their future for a bowl of stew? (You would if it was the right bowl of stew.)

When you have an appetite that is blown out of proportion…(2 things happen) chemically in brain
• Impact bias…takes a simple app and magnifies a false reality.
• Vocalism…focuses our minds on one things and blurs everything else.

Esau it would be better if you died than to take the bowl of stew. He needed someone there to reframe his appetite. There wasn’t anyone there for him and there won’t be anyone there to do that for us.

As leaders this tension will never go away. Whatever you want you will want more. All of your appetites will whisper now and not later. The only hope is to reframe your appetites…to remember you calling…why you do what you do…all of your appetites blur those things.

If we allow our appetites to dictate our leadership we will trade our future.

HOMEWORK: Write at the top of your journal/paper 10 years from now…(questions to get your mind thinking) What do you want to see God do…this is what I want it to look like?

The tighter the frame the looser the grip your appetites have on you.

Concluding Questions
• What’s your bowl of stew?
• What’s hard for you to say no to?
• What are you talking yourself in to?
• What are you contemplating that your spouse isn’t confident with?
• What is it that you are doing that isn’t immoral or illegal that you wouldn’t want anyone to know about?

You have no idea what God wants to accomplish through your life.

Don’t trade your future for a bowl of stew.



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6 thoughts on “Andy Stanley – Catalyst Opening Session Talk Notes

  1. I think that what makes this so hard is that the world has a loud speaker shouting about this great stew. All the while we tend to listen about this stew through an earthly filter.
    I need to remember to filter through our Heavenly Father and the things above rather than settle for the earthly stew!

  2. I saw Andy Stanley for the first time on tv yesterday and felt that this message is what we (me included) needed to hear – I actually want to use part of the thoughts to encourage others in my church as well – so I am very appreciative to God for using this pastor to speak to me and many others as well