Finding God the Creator

Many of us know God as our Father, Healer, and Provider. But how many of us creatives know Him as Creator? The Creator of all things. The Creator of our world and all the galaxies around it. We search Google, we scour through blogs and portfolios, and we meet with other creative people in pursuit of inspiration for our next creation.

But, why don’t we seek after God our Creator for our inspiration?

Why don’t we seek after the creativity of the ultimate Creator to flow through us and our work? When is the last time you opened your Bible for no other reason than to explore God’s abundant creativity?

Creativity and our relationship with our Creator go hand and hand. You can have a relationship with God and not be creative, but don’t fool yourself into believing that true creativity will come without that relationship. Many of us think that creativity is something we can learn or that there is a book we can read to become more creative. But, if we are honest with ourselves, we will realize that our creativity is rooted in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Our creativity is based on a relationship—a relationship where God’s creativity becomes central to the work we do.

I am writing this post to myself just as much as I am to you. I haven’t spent time talking with God my Creator about my next design project recently. But in my years of being a Christian and a designer, I have seen first-hand that the closer I am to Jesus, the more creative I become. I am also more fulfilled in my work. I know it’s a challenge maintaining that intimate place where we allow God’s creativity to influence our imagination. It’s difficult, but not only does it matter in my creative work but also in every area of my life.

So, this is a challenge for creatives working in churches and ministries. Find God the Creator. Spend time seeking God’s creativity and letting Him work through the talent He has given you. Make time to explore scripture and recognize God’s creativity throughout. You think you’re creative now? Just wait until you tap into God’s authentic creativity.

Let’s strive to become the creatives that God the Creator has instilled in us to be.



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8 thoughts on “Finding God the Creator

  1. Such a great challenge. This made me think of something I heard once in a sermon. The pastor said, "God is infinitely creative and we have been made in His image. Thus, when we are creative through whatever outlet He has most equipped us, we glorify His nature of creativity. Creative acts then, are a form of worship." Loved this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it! After all, it's a simple equation. Look to the One who defines creativity to see and experience it in its purest form. Thanks Cody

  3. Good post. God is our inexhaustible supply. As we tarry in His presence, He imparts fresh vision to us. He has things to show us that no one else can possibly see. Hence, our Source is out of this world.

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