Welcome to ResonateOrDie!

Welcome to our new blog, ResonateOrDie! This represents our insane commitment to helping leaders, ministries and churches advance, grow and expand their footprint.

Why the change?

The name ResonateOrDie℠ articulates not only our vision and core message but also an enduring church and ministry leadership principle that guides everything we do.

The principal is this: If you are intentional about relating to those you are trying to reach (in addition to those you have already reached) in such a way that it resonates with them, your ministry is poised to flourish.

If we don’t resonate, our churches and ministries will die. The question is not if they will die,
but when.

The Resonate Group, Inc., lives to reverse that trend and ResonateOrDie represents our commitment to do something about it.

To be straight up, we’re not entirely sure where we are headed with all this but we believe the conversation (about resonance) is critical to the ministry landscape, and our style is to jump in and go even when some things aren’t clear.

What you see here represents countless hours of thought, discussion, planning, writing, creativity and development. Without family, friends, partners and team members, this effort would not be possible. I am so thankful for your feedback and encouragement. I love you all!

Thanks for hanging out with us and please help us spread the word.




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5 thoughts on “Welcome to ResonateOrDie!

    • Chris, I look forward to reading more. Sounds like there may be a lot in common with what we're doing on Christian Web Trends (http://blog.ourchurch.com). I hope we can find some ways to work together. At the very least, I think we'll spur one another one.