Do You Need a Social Media Policy?

Everyday you are hit in the face with social media. It affects your work, social and family life. The ironic thing is that despite the immersion of our culture in social media, organizations haven’t generated a vast amount of documents that establish usage boundaries.

If we were to jump into a time warp, this would be the equivalent of releasing the internet for use in the workplace without establishing any boundaries for how it is used and how that content is shared with others.

We recently connected with Ryan Hurlburt of Wings Global Outreach to discuss social media and how their organization is addressing its use. He pointed us toward the Social Media Policy document that they drafted and he is offering it as a free download.

Want to know more about it? Check out Ryan’s post on the subject.

You may not know if your church, ministry or organization is in need of a social media policy. But much like an umbrella, the absence of rain doesn’t mean owning one isn’t warranted.

What do you think? Does your social media activity warrant a social media policy?



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