Sometimes Change is Needed Even When It’s Not

In any church or ministry, there is a temptation along the way to just live with whatever appears to be working fine and simply “ride the wave” of success.

We face this same gravitational pull toward mediocrity. It just happens.

But sometimes change is needed even when it’s not—or so it seems.

In an effort to help more churches and ministries as they work tirelessly to reach more and more people, we’ve decided that our blog needs substantive change. Sure, we could just roll along with everything the way it is and everything would probably be fine.

But we wouldn’t be satisfied with that and it’s doubtful that you would either.

We understand that we are just one voice among many, but we are sincerely grateful that you care enough to listen. Without you, what we say and do simply wouldn’t matter.

So, we will be making some dramatic changes soon.

Our first goal: To optimize the blog so it is more enjoyable and resourceful for you.

Our second goal: To strengthen our brand identity by bringing the blog into closer alignment with our ministry vision and mission.

Our third goal: To demonstrate how we think ministries and churches should approach their own work by pushing to the next level even when everything seems just fine.

We hope you enjoy the changes and we value your feedback.

Details coming soon . . .



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5 thoughts on “Sometimes Change is Needed Even When It’s Not

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  2. I like the central message in this blog post. One thing that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary is that the latter refuses to simply ride the waves of current success.

    • Thanks, Frank. Agreed. It’s similar to the old adage that if you’re on time you’re already late. If you’re not moving towards something and rejecting complacency, you (or your business) can quickly be in danger.

      I appreciate your thoughts!