Interview with Director David Kiern of Journey to Everest

Recently, I had the privilege of connecting with David Kiern, director of Journey to Everest, to discuss the new film.

What is the film about, you ask?

I asked David the same thing and I was intrigued by his answer. “To me, the film is about discovering the adventures God has designed for everyone’s life,” says Kiern. “Sometimes it is risky to step out and follow Christ, but when we do, we are exactly where He wants us to be.”

Check out our brief interview.

Kerry: David, will you share the meat and potatoes of this film?

David: Journey to Everest chronicles the real-life adventures of six American businesspeople who travel to the Himalayas to trek to Everest Base Camp and discover the depths of who they are as Christians along the way. On their way into the mountains to begin their ascent, they are bumped from a plane flight that crashes and kills 18 people. After the crash, the team begins to re-think their own lives and the time that they have now been given.

Kerry: Faith-based films aren’t very common. How did that impact your decision to direct Journey to Everest?

David: Faith-based filmmaking is in it’s infancy. It’s exciting for any director making a Christian movie right now, because we’re all basically trying to make something fresh that will impact the audience. With Journey to Everest, we felt we were making something nobody has seen before. What we ended up with is a National Geographic adventure film combined with personal story-lines of faith and self-discovery.

Kerry: What kind of impact do you envision for the film?

David: Christian documentaries can be used as tools to energize believers, as well as raise support for missions. God has used Journey to Everest to raise $60K for Nepali missions. Just like a great sermon or a great song, faith-based movies with an emotional core can move people and make a difference in people’s lives. In a documentary, you can take audiences to exotic places they have never been. You can introduce audiences to characters who are Christian heros, leading dynamic lives for Christ, and watch as they live out their faith. You can show the finished film all over the world, and raise support for mission work being done in foreign lands. Imagine if there were dozens of Christian documentaries out there telling one-of-a-kind stories.

To me, that is exciting.

Kerry: When will the film be released?

David: Journey to Everest will premiere nationwide in churches on July 11. Churches can show the movie for free from July 11-25, and raise funds for their own ministry or missions program.

Check out the trailer:

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