Advancing Your Ministry Influence and Church Brand

Change happens on a broad scale through vision casting but incrementally through vision sculpting.

Every conversation has the potential to be leveraged for progress and forward movement in the shaping of your ministry influence or church brand. Remember, church branding and ministry branding is about story, promises and value propositions. It’s about how people feel about your church or ministry. It’s about relationship.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that every conversation should be leveraged, but that it could be.

The real question is who is sculpting the vision through the daily tactical conversations that occur and the strategic execution necessary for vision advancement?

Someone has to drive those conversations and the actions needed to fulfill the vision that has been set forth—and that someone might be you.

One unfortunate pattern I see is that leaders are often uninterested—or even frustrated—by the “smaller” conversations because they don’t see them as a significant part of the whole. In their minds, these conversations simply don’t rise to the level of warranting their involvement.

The problem is that within those conversations are found the details that make the sculpture beautiful. Within them, vision lives, grows, thrives and advances. Without them, vision dies.

If you want to affect change at a macro-level, you should be tactical about the micro-conversations within your church or ministry.

Think of it this way, each conversation you step into is part of a larger discussion about where you are headed and what you are trying to accomplish. They are each individual pieces of a larger puzzle.

So, be intentional and tactical about every conversation.

You might just be amazed by the sculpture you’ve helped create.

How do you shape and advance church brand and ministry vision? How do other leaders?



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6 thoughts on “Advancing Your Ministry Influence and Church Brand

  1. Will Mancini recommended your post. Glad he did. Very timely.

    Telling a story of God's movement through Internet evangelism in a series of micro-conversations this week.

    Well done!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Gordon. Will insightfully leads the charge toward clarity which I greatly appreciate.

    I'm grateful you checked out the post!