You Can’t Cheat Death with Enthusiasm

In my previous post on the power of energy I mentioned that even the best laid plans and strategies, lacking divine and vibrant energy, will fall flat and potentially fail miserably.

It is important to temper this by knowing that sometimes the worst thing you can do is try to energize a dying effort.

It is a safe bet that the energy levels on any given project are in direct proportion to whether or not that undertaking is a good fit for the host organization. In my post on DNA, I outlined a guide to identify core characteristics that churches and ministries must explore and articulate to ensure that they are strategic about starting with the right ingredients.

Lacking those ingredients suggests that it might be time to pull the plug.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Be willing to recognize and acknowledge when the energy in your project or organization is absent.
  • It is better to pull the plug early-on in the development cycle than to watch your efforts gasp for air as they die a slow and painful death.

It is a harsh reality to recognize that a person, project, or entity may be on the rocks. Strong brands cannot be built by hanging on to dead weight.

Is it time to pull the plug?



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2 thoughts on “You Can’t Cheat Death with Enthusiasm

  1. I have been watching a client's slowly dying organization for some time. Even good things can have a respectable end instead of an embarrasing fizzle. Somebody…pull the plug. Thanks for this. I'm gonna share it with them.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Evan. Yeah, it's a hard discussion. Perhaps they could zero base and do some reinvention work from the ground up. Depends on their culture and the players, but doable.