Can We Become “Too” Familiar?

Have you ever been in the midst of a routine task and appreciated the familiarity? In fact, even expected it? Thoughts to ponder can sometimes strike at the oddest times. For me this week, it came during a trip to Wal Mart™.

I was in a relatively new Wal Mart™. And as I worked through my list of items to purchase, I found myself frustrated because this particular store is not arranged like most others. It’s the simple things, you know? Where is the stationary or where can I find a box of tissues?

So after finally completing my purchase, I thought about my experience. Yes, I know, these were some interesting thoughts at a random time.

How familiar do I want my faith to be? If I’m really honest, how often do I prefer the Wal Mart™ experience?

What does that look like?  I think it may mean the following:

  • My time with God only occurs when it fits into my schedule.
  • I “do” church or ministry and quickly move on to the other parts of my day without pausing to reflect what He is trying to say to me or how He is trying to reach me in some way.

  • It’s not a relationship but another thing on my to do list.

Wow, this is personally convicting. Many have heard the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt.” It is a phrase believed to have its origins in one of Aesop’s fables. I pray I never become so familiar in my relationship with the Lord that I lose sight of its wonder, miracle and redemption.

Here are a few practical ideas to consider:

  • Ask the Lord to blow you away with His presence every day. When we seek Him, He will show up and speak through many means—a song, a scripture verse, nature, a friend’s words, or even a baby’s laugh.
  • Look for Him in the mundane parts of your day. He’s there anyway—in the board room, that event planning session and yes, even Wal Mart™.

  • Capture those instances in some way (journal, blog, prayer time) and really think about the power of His presence in the most minute details of our lives.

I never want to “get over” His salvation. But left to my own human nature I can certainly lose its wonder. And isn’t that the very thing as believers we have to share with others?

Where will God speak to you next? Please share your thoughts. I’ll be looking for you in Wal Mart™.



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2 thoughts on “Can We Become “Too” Familiar?

  1. This is so insightful. Thank you for the prayer prompt – it's amazing what we might receive if we just ask to be "blown away with his presence every day" – Wow! That's an awesome thought. Thank you for sharing this challenge to familiarity – it is so easy after all. Sometimes we all need a little reminder.