Convenience versus Commitment?

Convenience versus commitment; can the two co-exist? I am challenged to say no to this question, but if I’m honest, it would be a lot easier if they could.

Let’s face it.  We live in a culture that is fast changing and demands so much of our time and attention. As a ministry leader, these demands make it easy to fall into the trap of the routine. Sunday happens every seven days like clock work. Our event calendars are often filled up months in advance and create our roadmap for ministry.

Lately, I’ve been challenged with how and where I place my focus and, more importantly, how those choices impact my life and ministry. As I think through this question, I share these questions to reflect on a bit:

In my circle of influence

  1. How often do I intentionally look for opportunities to connect with those in my ministry circle? Or, do I wait for our schedules to cross paths (those moments we just run into each other or see one another at a weekly gathering)?
  2. When I do engage with my circle of friends, do I fall into the trap of keeping our interactions at a surface level? You know what these interactions sounds like—“How are you? Fine. And you? Oh, I’m fine.”

In my leadership

  1. When was the last time I encouraged questioning why we do a certain program? Have I perhaps fallen into the trap of the routine? Perhaps we have always done this or that and are really on auto pilot.
  2. When is last time I challenged my team to conduct a post-event analysis that digs into its effectiveness and lessons learned?

In my own life

  1. If I’m totally honest with myself, is my spiritual walk one of sold-out commitment or one that has become routine and convenient?
  2. How often do I take a spiritual pause and truly reflect on my relationship with the Father?

We blink and another week, month or even year has passed. I encourage and challenge you [and myself] to not miss what God has for us. Convenience is just that—convenient. So many blessings await those who choose the path of commitment.

I’m working on that. Can’t we all?



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