Lessons from Cheech and Chong as They Hit the Weed and Hit the Road

On top of the weed they’ve been hitting all these years, Cheech and Chong will hit the road in ten days to launch their “Get It Legal” tour. The tour is scheduled to make 22 stops throughout North America and a few in Canada.

Back in November 2009, they were guests on The O’Reilly Factor and joined Bill for a satirical “Back of the Book” segment.


Here are a few random lessons I’ve extrapolated from Cheech and Chong:

The outrageous and sensational get the play.

Say what you will, but these guys aren’t as stupid as their slurred speech might indicate. Their whole tour hinges on preposterous claims. We, however, should be careful not to present a sensationalized Gospel just to get noticed. We’re called to a higher, more thoughtful, more noble purpose. The only outrageous aspect of our message should be the call to die to ourselves.

Humor makes otherwise objectionable material palatable.

Almost any topic shrouded in humor is tolerated in our society. The tour is billed as a comedy tour. Though the O’Reilly segment itself was not that funny, for a second or two, while watching it, I temporarily forgot about the countless wrecked lives, broken families and fried brains in the land of Mary Jane.

Persistency pays.

Sometimes, your best strategy is to stay persistent. We often give up long before what we are doing has matured and left its complete thumbprint. As leaders, we usually fatigue of what we are building, saying and doing much sooner than those we are leading. Cheech and Chong have been preaching the way of the bong and the toke for a long time. Perhaps what you are doing isn’t working because you simply haven’t given it adequate time to work.

As you pour your life into your church and ministry, invest in such a way that your efforts won’t go “Up in Smoke.”



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