Zoom In and Focus On Your True Passion, Giftedness and Ministry Calling

For me, 2009 has been one of the most intense years ever.

Since launching The Resonate Group earlier this year, I’ve been task-saturated with literally hundreds of projects representing thousands (or tens of thousands) of tasks. That’s the nature of being in start-up mode and launching a new ministry/business.

In reality though, most of us have way too many daily responsibilities and active projects. In theory, society rewards those who are diligent, which translates into work and some sort of busyness for us.

But busyness alone won’t cut it.

We should constantly question whether or not we’re working on the right things. Is what you are building of eternal value? No doubt, there are plenty of great options out there that need attention.

But, not necessarily your attention.

Your attention should be given to those things that fit your true passion, giftedness and ministry calling. Everything else should be relegated to it’s rightful secondary place.

So, zoom in and focus as you prepare for 2010. When you do, your objectives will become crystal clear.



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7 thoughts on “Zoom In and Focus On Your True Passion, Giftedness and Ministry Calling

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  4. Wow, Kerry! You are definitely singing my song. I, too, am thinking, working, PRAYING, planning for how I might (first) minister to others, creating eternal value, which may (second) translate into business opportunities.

    Thanks for the post!


  5. Great point here Kerry! And a good reminder as we go into the next year.

    I know amidst all the day to day pressure and responsibilites I have to remind myself what’s important for today.

    I have an acronym that helps me stay focused in regards to my ministry marketing..


    Specific niche: remember my target audience and work to help them

    Precise and proven marketing methods: The best methods are often the ones we don’t do out of busyness…So I try to focus 80% on proven methods, 19 % on training and 1% on problem solving

    Excellence-Strive for a spirit of excellence in your work and serving others.

    Action–You have to act on your faith. Action to your plan…That means work…work the precise methods that create money or help you promote your ministry

    Kneel–Stay humble and connected. Maintain your relationship to God for HE is the true source…He can give you the wisdom and strategies. “Humble yourself under the mighty Hand of God that he may exalt you in due time…”

    That acronym spells speak which is the glue…that holds it all together. As the Word says, we have the power of life and death in our tongue! So speak the Word…speak faith…speak positive words of life over you family, your ministry, your business, your body….


    Thanks for leading by example here Kerry!

    Theresa Croft