What Google Values: SEO Keyword Goals for Your Church or Ministry

Keywords have come a long way in terms of SEO over the last decade. I briefly touched on this in my first What Google Values post on 6 Ways to Organize Your Website but I wanted to elaborate on their importance today.

Google stopped being tricked by keyword stuffing several years ago so it is important to avoid coming even close to doing so. SEO tip: Avoid keyword stuffing by Matt Cutts, a Google employee, is an entertaining post that gives an exaggerated example of abusive keyword usage.

Today, the number of keywords you should pursue correlates with the size and the amount of content on your site. Using our site as an example, ministry marketing is an important keyword phrase for us to capitalize on and Google has rewarded our efforts. However, it isn’t the only keyword phrase that we are pursuing since our content has grown significantly as our team has expanded.

It is critical that you gauge your church or ministry’s online growth by setting reasonable keyword goals before attempting to bite off more than you can chew.

Here are a few tips for identifying what types of keywords you should pursue:

  • Location Specific – if you are a smaller online presence, adding your location to keywords you’re targeting will help to attract a local following
  • Atypical Wording – know your audience and put yourself in their shoes by considering possible alternative keywords that may give you a niche
  • Avoid Conquered Ground – until you are an online force to be reckoned with, avoid targeting keywords that are dominated by others

I’ll leave you with a simple tactic for making massive headway in SEO once you have your keywords; put content on your site that contains headers with the keywords you are targeting.

Network with other online entities of good repute and request that they link to your content using your chosen keywords in the link itself. Once you have received ten or more links, I can guarantee that you will be leaps and bounds beyond the competition that doesn’t set keyword goals and strive to meet them.

To further this, my next and last post in this series will provide a few more strategies for your team to tackle SEO for your church and ministry.

As always, we at The Resonate Group welcome your feedback and look forward to sharing more with you about What Google Values!



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5 thoughts on “What Google Values: SEO Keyword Goals for Your Church or Ministry

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  3. Hey Chris,

    Just wanted to mention that I really enjoy your seo articles. Especially the one on 6 ways to organize your ministry or church website…

    Yeah, when people focus their keywords they should be able to tap in areas where they are likely to reach to front page they should get a better return than going after unrelated or categories where they'll end up on page 20!

    Anyway thanks again.

    Arvell Craig @gebedo

    • Thank you Arvell! I appreciate the encouragement and offer my own to you. As you said in your intro video, it isn't about gargantuan budgets, it's about understanding the internet and applying the tools that are available.


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