What Google Values: The Importance of Content in SEO for Churches and Ministries

Our next installment in the series regarding SEO for ministry labeled What Google Values has to do with your site’s content and some tactics for improving it. It is important to note that the substance of your church or ministry’s website is one of the most crucial elements in Google’s eyes. Joel Walsh over at WebCredible wrote an excellent post called Google’s advice for your website: Content that elaborates on this.

In my mind, the four most important questions that must be asked when creating content for a site are:

  • Is it relevant to the purpose of my ministry/church website?
  • Am I delivering clear and concise information?
  • Have I provided supporting links for my statements?
  • Is the information new for my site?

If you answered no to any of those questions, then you have an opportunity to improve what you have posted. Temper this by not spending hours fixing all your posts. Rather, use the guidance in your future drafts. Guys such as Rick Burnes over at HubSpot have a great perspective of content both old and new. View it as a library. Whether the content is good or bad, the best libraries are typically the ones with the most volumes.

I love the question, “what is your best tip for improving my site’s substance?” My answer has morphed into what it is today. Change your mindset. Having a website/blog about your church or ministry doesn’t require that you spend hours drafting posts that appear witty and fresh. The biggest change that should occur is that you begin to view your daily activities and interaction with the church or ministry as material for public consumption. Consider these scenarios from which outstanding website content could originate:

  • Phone calls
  • Meetings
  • Emails
  • Casual conversation
  • Church personnel
  • Ministry brainstorming
  • Journaling

The odds are that you are doing all of these things almost every day. And, in the case of emails, they are already typed! In my next post I will present some tools that you can use to simplify the transition from daily activities to the written word. Subscribe to learn more about What Google Values!



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