Eight Recommendations for Optimizing “Man on the Street” Interviews

Last week I was involved in directing 2 days of shooting “man on the street” interviews for an upcoming ministry launch. As I observed how well people responded to our team, it triggered some thoughts about how this might be helpful for you. So, here goes . . .

– Plan out a general route of where you plan to go.

– When necessary, seek permission from any necessary authority before you shoot. We asked permission at one prominent location and the manager was not comfortable with us conducting interviews. We graciously moved on.

– Send a scout ahead of the interview/shooting crew to line up good locations and more people to interview.

– Focus on the conversation, not on scripting (even though a few starter questions are helpful) what the interviewer or interviewee says. The best clips flow out of good conversation.

– If possible, don’t disclose the subject matter so you truly get a “top of mind” response. We were able to make light of the fact that we weren’t disclosing the subject, and that alone intrigued people and caused them to want to participate.

– There is no substitute for friendliness in your approach. Even people who might otherwise be irritated by the presence of a video crew have difficulty getting angry if you are friendly and have a grateful spirit.

– Be prepared for all types of weather. We were slammed by wind, cold and rain on both days. Oh, be sure and bring a boom mic to deal with the wind.

– Be open to divine appointments. On several occasions, the crew was able to share the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. Three teenagers gave their life to Christ and called on Him for salvation!

If your church or ministry has done or plans to do any “man on the street” interviews, I’d love to check them out and possibly show them off here at Ministry Marketing Coach. So, please feel free to send me a link for review.



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