A Simple Tool to Help Ministry Communications Teams Clear Their Heads

A few days ago, I posted a simple suggestion regarding how those of you who serve in church or ministry communications can preserve some of your sanity. Many of you responded to the post with comments, positive feedback and requests that I write more posts on this topic. So, here goes . . .

As suggested in the aforementioned post, type out a list of all the communication connection points in your ministry. Though I hate to admit it, a spreadsheet might be best for this process. Spreadsheets remind me of that nasty and repulsive “cherry” medicine I took several days a week as a child. Just a whiff and my gag reflex goes nuts. ;)

Next, add several columns to help you dissect the communication connection points into a host of details that you need to be intentional and strategic in your efforts. This should also help you identify action steps associated with each connection point and highlight where you may need to intensify your efforts.

The columns you identify will naturally emerge from patterns you see in your church or ministry. This should be personalized and should help you identify points of frustration, expectations that have been placed on you, productivity goals, etc. You can see an example spreadsheet below.

Here are a few columns you might consider including in the document:

– Frequency
– Initiating team
– Point person
– Production priority
– Identify various mediums such as online, print, broadcast, etc.
– Indicate if communication should be text, graphics, interactive, etc.

Once you’ve created the spreadsheet, you can begin to massage the data into strategies that are intentional and achievable.

This simple process may also help you communicate with others how they can help carry the vision.

If you’d like an actual copy of the sample spreadsheet, just drop me an email and I’ll shoot it over to you.

Church Ministry Marketing Breakdown

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