Has Communication Really Shifted from Simple to Complex?

Check out this interesting chart comparing “advertising” in 2009 and the 1980′s. To my knowledge, the original can be found in a Spanish blog post out of Barcelona entitled There is No Reverse Gear if Babel Fish serves me well.

The chart rightfully depicts the complex nature of the various communication mechanisms and connection points available in today’s culture.

I don’t think it correctly distinguishes various mediums that typically fall within broad categories such as PR, social media, broadcast, online, etc. But, it still sheds light on the sheer volume of mediums that communication mavens need to understand.

Each of these mediums and technologies (plus many more) represent potential connection points that could and should be leveraged for reaching people.

Do churches and ministries have a baseline understanding of these and other mediums? Is the complex nature of communication on your radar?

Are you being intentional about your communication approach and strategies for reaching people?

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