One Question Every Church or Ministry Leader Should Consider

What compels a person or family to drive past several perfectly decent churches to get to that “unique” one that’s 30+ minutes from home? Why are some donors drawn to give large gifts to particular ministries and not to others? What makes the difference between a good church and a great church?

Here are a few plausible reasons I simply can’t get out of my head:

1. An incredible work by God’s Spirit. After Sunday morning services yesterday, I had a short text convo with a pastor friend of mine from a small rural church. He was totally stoked because 38 people had just received Christ! Only God’s supernatural transformational activity in human hearts can accomplish that.

2. Magnetic love and contagious friendliness. No denominational program or fabricated environmental worship experience can substitute for genuine compassion and authentic love for hurting people. If you’ve got it—they will know it (John 13:35). By themselves, super-charged media, special effects lighting and all the technological ambiance you can whip up will never reach people.

3. Compelling truth that resonates. What is your ministry saying? What is the tone and color of how it is being said? People are drawn to leaders who are filled with vision, compassion, hope and encouragement derived from their personal experience and story. They follow leaders who can relate to their lives and can communicate biblical truth in meaningful ways that connect with them.

THE ONE QUESTION: How do you rate your church or ministry in these areas?



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3 thoughts on “One Question Every Church or Ministry Leader Should Consider

  1. I'm currently studying "Church Unique" by Will Mancini.

    The main thesis of Will's teaching is that God works uniquely through each body of believers in their unique context.

    When visionary leadership discovers God's plan for them; focuses everyone on it; and fits every ministry initiative into it,"their church becomes an unstoppable force and an irresistible influence," Mancini says.

    We were part of a church once that lost sight of what God had called them to do. In fact, they grew to resist it. The church stopped growing.

    We're currently members of a church that has laser like focus on their unique Kingdom plan. People drive for 60 miles to be a part. We're starting satellite campuses.

    When a church hits the sweet spot within God's unique framework they can have remarkable impact for Christ…even in small rural towns.

  2. Good stuff, Gordon.

    Do you think that is different than the Jim Collins flywheel factor? I think there are some distinctions, but some similarities as well.

    Great book by Will also!

    Thanks for your contribution.


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