Telling The Stories of Life Change: Interview with Kaylan Christopher of The Resonate Group

How long have you been involved in ministry communications?

I got involved back in college at Ouachita Baptist Univ. I started doing freelance writing for different ministries. That was back in 2002.

What are some projects you have done?

You name it, and I’ve probably dabbled in it a little one way or another. A few of the ministries I’ve worked with are Insight for Living, PowerPoint Ministries, Starpointe Magazine, Saddleback Church ministries, Moody Bible Institute, Walk through the Word. I’ve also worked in several churches. (Prestonwood Baptist Church, Sugar Creek Baptist Church, and Brentwood Baptist Church).

Why did you decide to join The Resonate Group?

I like variety in my writing and editing, and I feel like The Resonate Group offers me that chance with the various projects we develop through the broad range of branding services we offer. I share the Resonate Group vision to help ministries harness the strength of strategic branding.

What is your greatest ministry passion?

That’s easy: 1) meeting new people, 2) building relationships with them, 3) introducing them to Jesus and/or truth, and 4) telling their stories of life change.

What is the most bizarre thing you’ve ever done?

Here’s a safe one for you that won’t get me in too much trouble. I’m a preacher’s kid, so use your imagination. Back in college, I used to cut people’s hair out of my dorm room to make extra money. It actually paid my bills . . . though I’m not sure how the government would feel about that. Yikes! Don’t tell anyone.

What is a little known interesting or fun fact about you?

I have a 30 by 30 list—30 things I want to do before I turn 30 next March 1, 2010. I haven’t made it too far down on the list, so I’m extending it throughout my 30th year of life. Some of those things include: 1) go to a four-day music festival; 2) backpack through Italy; 3) buy my dream car; 4) get a personal trainer; 5) run a 1/2 marathon. Just a few things here and there.



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