Is It Possible to Communicate Too Much in Ministry?

Human nature is an interesting case study. In the absence of information, we tend to create our own. Think about it.

How often do we hear sentences that begin with, “Well, this must be what is going on. They would tell us otherwise … .” Or, “I can put two and two together and this is what I think is happening … .” It’s classic behavior. We make up our version of the truth if no one is keeping us informed.

Simple problem with a simple solution, right? But it is often the most common, yet difficult problem facing churches, ministries and businesses today. Leaders’ intentions are well-meaning, but, unfortunately, they don’t always follow through and execute those good intentions.

So, what is the solution? It really is true—you can’t communicate enough in your ministry. It starts with the vision. Where is your ministry going?

It’s a simple fact that people are drawn to activities and causes that inspire them. And that inspiration comes from vision.

Do you really know the vision for your ministry? Is it simple, easy to articulate and clear? For example: Is your ministry trying to disciple new believers or reach a certain demographic? Then that’s what your members and volunteers need to hear, and they need to hear it often.

How visible is your vision throughout your ministry? How often is it talked about? People are hungry for vision. They really do want to be involved in something that matters. Give them a reason to sign up!

Not sure what your vision is? Then slow your world down and answer this question. It will transform your ministry.

Too often, ministries have multiple visions which only pull its volunteers in many directions. Sadly, it can even cause ministry leaders to play tug of war with its volunteers.

Finding your clear vision may take some time and more than likely, it will simplify your activities calendar. But, at the end of day, your ministry will emerge with a clear, strategic path for the future. That’s your message. Talk about it.

And to answer the question—no, it’s not possible to communicate too much!



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3 thoughts on “Is It Possible to Communicate Too Much in Ministry?

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    • Great question Bill. I believe purpose and mission are critical elements to have in place before you can cast a compelling vision that moves your ministry forward. Those elements define the identify of the ministry. This article should have more clearly stated that distinction. Thanks for posing the question.