How Local Church Student Pastors Can Help Students “Get It”

For me, life really began as a 15 year old student when God did a radical transformational work in my life and Jesus consumed my world. Our church “youth group,” was not content with mediocrity and we were full-on committed to discipleship.

Hundreds of students were impacted and many are still faithfully serving the Lord today. Some have also been called to full-time vocational ministry service.

In 2009, students are still aching for the same thing I was—fulfillment, hope and purpose.

Ultimately, our churches and ministries should be about connecting the human race with the one true God. Not just for eternal salvation, but for eternal relationship.

Yes, the culture is different and technology has changed the way students connect, but their desire to connect in meaningful ways is still the same.

So, why are some churches great at developing a vibrant and dynamic student ministry while others seem dead and listless?

Though I believe there are numerous contributing factors, here are a few thoughts for student pastors to keep in mind to ensure that their ministry is alive and well and that their students “get it.”

  1. The vibe of your students mirrors your personal vibe.
  2. If you are lifeless and dull, your ministry probably will be as well.
  3. Students cannot follow a leader who is not leading.
  4. Leadership is much more than just having a plan and executing that plan.
  5. Having vision is uniquely different than having a vision statement.
  6. Without vision and God-fueled passion, the best plans and strategies in the world will just encourage students to “go through the motions.”
  7. Dynamic leadership overflows out of an organic personal relationship with Christ and passion for life. If you don’t have it, they won’t get it.
  8. Spirit-led and authentic leadership is contagious. If you have it, they will get it.



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