Uplifting the Name of Christ: Interview with Sarah Hellems of The Resonate Group

How long have you been involved in ministry communications?

7 years

What are some projects you have done?

I worked in the communications department at Youth With a Mission Montana for two years, worked with the ERLC on the Josiah Road initiative and the Southern Seminary 150th Anniversary celebration. I’ve also worked with countless churches on website overhauls, rebranding, and identity development.

Why did you decide to join The Resonate Group?

I love working with churches, ministries, and organizations that uplift the name of Christ. I also love working with Kerry and the high quality of projects he directs.

What is your greatest ministry passion?

I love seeing ministries and churches thrive at their greatest level of effectiveness for Christ. If I can be a part of streamlining their process for affecting the world for the Kingdom, then that makes me really happy.

What is a little known interesting or fun fact about you?

When I was in second grade, I was in an “academically gifted” group of students. One day, my mom got a worried call from the teacher. She told my mom that she had given us the task of telling the class our highest goal and dream career. While the other students in the class said things like scientist, astronaut, and teacher, my dream vocation was “waitress.” When I was 18, I realized that dream. Everything since then has just been icing on the cake.

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