High Standard of Excellence: Interview with Casey McGarr of The Resonate Group

How long have you been involved in ministry communications?

I started about 7 years ago when I designed a website for the church my family was attending. I’ve also helped Kerry with several ministry projects in the years following.

What are some projects you have done?

The front end design of ERLC, The 40/40 Prayer Vigil, For Faith & Family, Legacy Center, and I Vote Values (2nd generation).

Why did you decide to join The Resonate Group?

I love design and the opportunity to help ministries and churches accomplish their goals is very important. Also, Kerry’s business model for achieving a high standard of excellence and establishing great relationships with each of our clients was a big consideration.

What is your greatest ministry passion?

To express the joy I have received learning about Jesus Christ and giving my life to him. Making sure my children understand the sacrifice of Jesus and what it means to each of us. We are truly blessed in life by what God has given us.

What is a little known interesting or fun fact about you?

I’m a letterpress printer, handset type the old fashion way with a composing stick, not the newfangled way done in that computer box.

[Editor’s note: Don’t let Casey snow you. He’s an award winning designer who knows how to use that “computer box” very well.]

Learn more about Casey here.



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