Building Great Ministries: Interview with Dustin Secrest of The Resonate Group

How long have you been involved in ministry communications?

I started out assisting with web maintenance for Youth With A Mission of Montana in 2004. My role grew into managing the Communications Department, responsible for all public-facing web and print communication media, including recruiting materials, web presence, etc.

What are some projects you have done?

A few of my favorite projects have been The Josiah Road initiative (currently under development), The City by Zondervan and several projects for Southern Seminary.

Why did you decide to join The Resonate Group?

I was introduced to Kerry through Sarah, another member of the group. I’ve known and worked with Sarah for a number of years. I knew the quality of work that she produced. She said they had a project that needed my skills and introduced me to Kerry. After knocking out my first project with The Resonate Group, Kerry and I developed a really good relationship that is fueled by a desire to build great ministries.

What is your greatest ministry passion?

To see people loving the one True God. Christians are responsible for preaching Christ crucified. If we fall short of doing so, our lives and ministry are a waste. I want to be part of something that is making the name of Jesus known for who He truly is, rather than focusing on ministry-growth efforts that just bring glory to man.

What is a little known interesting or fun fact about you?

When I was in high school, I got caught smoking. My dad made me eat a cigarette.

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