Strategic and Leadership Disciplines: Kayla Barrett Interview

How long have you been involved in ministry leadership development?

KB: I have been involved in developing leadership in ministry for over 10 years. Informally, as a church member, small group leader and ministry team leader, I have been a part of shaping the thinking of leaders of both youth and adults. In 2002, I had the opportunity to become more involved in staff leadership through the participation in Human Resources and Budget/Finance lay leadership teams. My formal background includes serving on church staff as Director of Human Resources and Staff Development and since 2005. I have also assisted in other leadership development projects.

What are some projects you have done?

KB: Most of the projects include training sessions for ministry leaders (such as women’s and children’s ministries) and church staff. Courses include Personal Leadership, How to Lead Change….Not be Led by It!, and Building Powerful Ministry Teams. Consulting projects include handbook development and staff/volunteer policy creation.

Why did you decide to join The Resonate Group?

I believe in the vision of The Resonate Group. Spreading the Gospel is the greatest command we have been given; yet ministries can sometimes get trapped in how to effectively do that in the midst of a changing culture and demographics. My contribution to The Resonate Group lies in the strategic and leadership disciplines that must be in place in order to successfully communicate a compelling brand message. The business world understands this principle. I want to help ministry organizations do the same.

What is your greatest ministry passion?

KB: God created each us with certain gifts, abilities and skills. Rick Warren calls that our SHAPE.  I know God has given me the ability to communicate truth. One of my greatest joys is to see the “light bulb” come on when someone really gets or understands a concept and most importantly, how to apply it in their world. In ministry, I love to see that same light bulb turn on. However, it’s understanding what and how God can use them for His Kingdom purpose. When you know that truth in your heart and that God designed you that way, it’s a light bulb that doesn’t dim.

What is the most bizarre thing you’ve ever done? What compelled you?

KB: In 2005, I quit my job with no clue of what my next employment might be. I gave a 12-week resignation letter if there is such a thing. According to conventional wisdom—and everything we are taught—you don’t leave a good paying, secure job without a plan. All I knew was that God had a plan for me.  Jeremiah 29:11  is true.  He orchestrated my departure and opened the door for me—in a place I never thought I would work. It was His timing. . .certainly not mine!  The cool part of that adventure?  I was more bold in the sharing of me faith in those last 12 weeks at my old job.

What is a little known interesting or fun fact about you?

KB: I grew up in a rural part of Kentucky and summer jobs could be quite interesting. For three years (those late middle school and early high school years and before a driver’s license!), I worked at a tomato processing and packing. We cleaned, sorted, graded, and packed tomatoes for shipment to grocers all around the country. What does that mean? I can tell you—to this day—the “grade” of any tomato on a grocer’s shelves! Would you believe I still like the taste of tomatoes to this day.



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