Brand-building Foundations: Ministry Vision is Much More Than a Statement

As a huge proponent of ministries paying the price to develop a vision statement, it may seem a bit odd that I would write about this. But, it’s been my observation that long is the line of ministries and churches that have great (or at least usable) vision statements, but short is the line of those who actually have vision. This highlights a significant distinction.

God-birthed and Spirit-led vision is contagious and inspiring. It can’t be manufactured or whipped up. It’s an intangible vibe that transcends age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or any other demographic detail you can conjure. It inspires all who are touched by it’s mystical aura. Vision statements, however, can be rather dull and lifeless.

The kind of vision I’m speaking of arrests the hearts of people and propels ministries and churches forward. It empowers people and motivates them to perk up, join up and step up. True vision enables ministries to quantum leap in their purpose and effectiveness.

In today’s culture when the church is struggling to keep members engaged, IMO, we need more focus on an authentic vision with less attention on developing well-written vision statements. Vision statements should follow vision, not vice versa.

To be sure, I am not advocating that we neglect to develop good vision statements, but rather, that we get serious about our vision being aligned with His vision. When we do that, everything else will fall into place and take care of itself.

This kind of vision—the kind that truly inspires others—is the essence of great leadership.

A few suggestions:

  1. Distinguish between vision and vision statements.
  2. Through prayer, scripture, discernment and wise counsel, ensure that your vision is God-birthed and Spirit-led.
  3. Identify visionary leaders and learn from them.
  4. Realize that no matter how large your vision, it is still puny compared to the greatness of God.
  5. Communicate your vision (notice I didn’t say vision statement) in inspiring and authentic ways.
  6. Communicate your vision through every medium available to you.
  7. Lead bodaciously. Your vision vibe will be contagious and permeate everything.



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